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Other Freshwater Fish Other than Bettas, any Freshwater Species go here!

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Unread 19th September 2006, 10:26 AM
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Default Cichild Fish Farm with >20 variaties

Hi all,
Cichild Fish Farm which has more than 20 types of cichilds, including albino ones is selling cichilds of all ages and ready-to-mate females. Cichilds are related to Luo Han only they are much smaller, more colourful and attractive and don't take up as much space and the good point about this is that u can keep them in a community tank in the same amount of space and enjoy watching them swim together. Cichilds are one of the most popular fishes in America now, join in the trend.
Feel free to contact me at 90213191 or email, add me to msn at vaniceyap@hotmail.com, if u want the Cichild experience.

Just attached some pictures taken from a Cichlid book.
The first pic is normally some cichlids look like,
The Second pic is Albino cichlids
The third one is other varieties
The cichlid farm has these and more.

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