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  2. Another MG outcross!
  3. Tetra Easy Balance
  4. Bettas Jumping Out of Jar/Tank
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  6. Best Containers For Betta???
  7. Chlorine/Chloramine
  8. PH range of Singapore tap water
  9. Crowntails
  10. Going for long holiday
  11. Frequency of water changes
  12. Indian Almond Leaves [Ketapang]
  13. General Life-span of your betta?
  14. Missing Ventral Fins
  15. Members With New Pictures To Share
  16. "Geo Liquid"
  17. Vitamins
  18. The ideal betta jar/tank
  19. What accesories sold at which LFS
  20. Plants in betta tanks
  21. Tailing Biting in male bettas
  22. exoticbettas
  23. Anyone else have a color jinx!?
  24. Finnage Collapse After Jarring
  25. Double-tails
  26. Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok, Thailand
  27. Local Water Parameters
  28. Famous Betta Lines ...
  29. Bettas jump out of jar
  30. Betta growth rate[food or space or others?]
  31. Changing Tanks ....
  32. How old is your Fry - A Brain Teaser !
  33. How not to loose our line?
  34. Labyrinth organ
  35. Fin surgery (To remove Fin Curls)
  36. Formation of Asian Betta Congress
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  38. Bottom dwelling fishes that compliment bettas
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  43. Changing water in Betta Tanks
  44. Copper Delta
  45. Bettas in Hong Kong and Korea
  46. Do you age your water and how?
  47. Research with National University of Singapore
  48. PH Shock?
  49. Totoro
  50. What makes Bettas so addictive
  51. Rainwater?
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  53. Bettas inactive in aircon conditions?
  54. Bettas more aggressive towards same colours?
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  62. Tetra Blackwater extract vz Ketapang extract
  63. Betta Defects (Can and Can't live with)
  64. Jumping out of jar....
  65. Tell Us What U have
  66. Price [worth] of a good fish
  67. hairy plant roots
  68. Flaring Differences?
  69. Runts
  70. Are Standards important to keeping bettas?
  71. No. of Generations
  72. Bettas in Community Tanks
  73. Albino Betta
  74. Competition Formats
  75. IBC FAQ
  76. How can I get my bettas to flare?
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  79. Things to note in moving bettas to new tanks
  80. Uncovered Tanks
  81. Comments on my betta tank
  82. betta behaviour: resting on leaves
  83. Bought Fishes for competitions
  84. Interesting patterned and color betta!
  85. Idiot Proof Ways Of Raising HMs and CTs
  86. Misleading terms used for sales and auction
  87. Effects of price clash on Bettas
  88. So is Betta an Art?
  89. For Singaporeans: IBC Competitions
  90. How much water do you change?
  91. Quiz on betta gender
  92. Guess which is the Real Orange Solid Color?
  93. Knowing the Strain Names
  94. Pros and Cons of compartmentalised betta tanks
  95. Favourite Betta Type
  96. How to determine when the current is too strong?
  97. Betta feeding problem
  98. Tank / Room Setup for HM and CTs
  99. Your water pH
  100. Time spent on fish
  101. What is jarring?
  102. Usage of Money Plants
  103. Difficulties with New Fish
  104. Trip to Bangkok with Gene Lucas
  105. Difference between Plakats and Imbellis
  106. Do females blow bubbles?
  107. Why You Love Bettas?
  108. Chloramine Update
  109. Deportment
  110. Competition or Hobby?
  111. The various types of Black
  112. plants suitable for easy maintainance
  113. New Betta Forum
  114. Lifespan of bettas
  115. How long U let your Bettas FLARE before feeding?
  116. Dancing Bettas?
  117. Things That Are Not Included In the Book
  118. Over-emphasis on Finnage at the expense of Colour
  119. Imbellis and Splendens - Are They The Same?
  120. Betta Exercise
  121. Holiday Season, fish starve?
  122. Ketapang / Indian Almond leave
  123. Which Category of Betta Lover are You In?
  124. Change in water quality for Eastern S'pore
  125. Finnage or Colour?
  126. Biggest Finnage
  127. Long Tail Imbellis ! ! !
  128. Procedure to ship fish outside Singapore
  129. Search for the Oldest Betta
  130. How to tell the age of a betta?
  131. Descriptive Posters on Bettas
  132. Growing Indian Almond from seed
  133. Volume of Water for Long Tail Bettas
  134. Natural Anti-growth Hormone?
  135. Which is Better? Banana Leaf or Ketapang Leaf?
  136. Mustard Gas
  137. General Standards
  138. Photography
  139. Tung Choi Street in Hong Kong
  140. Import Shipping & Dorsal Biting
  141. What other types of fish do you raise?
  142. Are bettas inside or outside fish?
  143. What is Salamander: Question Answered
  144. Peat Moss
  145. Judges Manual
  146. Nutrients from Water
  147. My Account of the MG/Salamander controversy
  148. So, what does the Mustard Gas look like nowadays?
  149. What does the Real Black Orchid look like?
  150. Colour change?
  151. bubble blowing
  152. survey for school project.. pls help =)
  153. Ethics in the Betta Hobby
  154. Use Of Ventrals
  155. Do bettas feel pain?
  156. Betta Intelligence
  157. Bettas fighting
  158. Judging Bettas - Experts or Public?
  159. Facilitating the exchange of fish internationally
  160. scientific papers
  161. Change in source of water supply to the South-West
  162. Spotlight on Bettas
  163. Do Bettas Sleep?
  164. Abbreviations HMx and SD
  165. Acclimatising Fish
  166. Metallic colours in irrids classes
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  168. Seeking Pictures for Website
  169. Are Show Judging Standards important to club?
  170. Globalizing A Tropical Fish Club - FAMA
  171. photo album & avatars
  172. Midwest Betta Club
  173. Temperature in Betta Splendens biotopes
  174. Tips on preparing fish for competitions
  175. GermanBettaClub
  176. How High Do Bettas Jump?
  177. The Full Guide For Betta Colours
  178. The Most Popular Book on Bettas & Labyrinth Fish
  179. Aged Water or Dead Water?
  180. New Betta Territory website launched!
  181. bacteria photosynthesis culture
  182. Betta Alliance Forum is online now
  183. Bringing betta from Malaysia to Singapore
  184. Female who drops eggs regularly - is it normal?
  185. Is lighting an aspect to keeping bettas?
  186. Can Bettas be right Or left "handed"?
  187. Colour Standards
  188. Colour literally "falling off" a fish?
  189. What is your opinion about this product?
  190. Appropriate Temperature for Bettas
  191. Stress caused by siphoning
  192. algae prevention
  193. how to make soft water?
  194. Poop during flaring
  195. Sex Change
  196. Where to find ketapang trees in Singapore?
  197. Water Treatment Dilemma
  198. Stopped making bubbles
  199. What is mask?
  200. Ways to Enhance your betta's colour
  201. Myron in the news!
  202. waters of the world
  203. Flaring at what?
  204. Tank in the sun
  205. Different Levels of Activity Between the Sexes?
  206. Judging Merged Classes
  207. Standards on Patterned Bettas
  208. Holes in cards used to card Bettas
  209. Filters in your setup?
  210. Ever bitten by your betta?
  211. What exactly is iridescence?
  212. bubble nest from female?
  213. Virtual Betta Show Game
  215. Fish Does Not Shit... Why??
  216. Fish Does Not Flare... Why??
  217. Gill Problems??
  218. Adding KH into the water
  219. Red Betta Male
  220. Aged water
  221. Secret unveiled:Trimming of finnage in Modern Show
  222. New Commercial Breeder Announcement - Passion Bet
  223. Amazing Thai Betta
  224. Lobang in microworm
  225. inactive
  226. Age of betta
  227. will betta ventral fin grow back if is gone since fry