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  1. Introduction to Betta Splendens
  2. Basic Care
  3. Can I use direct tap water for new water changes?
  4. Is it possible to keep bettas in an air-con room?
  5. Feeding of Bettas
  6. Being a busy person, can I feed my bettas early...
  7. Breeding Bettas
  8. Any way to 'hurry' the female to spawn sooner?
  9. Can I pair a larger female to a male? Vice versa?
  10. Breeding Setup
  11. Plants or other objects into the spawning tanks?
  12. Pair in tank for few days, still not spawned yet?
  13. Any days/mths where better chances of spawning?
  14. Artificial Hatching
  15. Any deformed fish from artificial hatching?
  16. Raising Fries
  17. Can I feed once instead of multiple feeding?
  18. How often to change the fry tank water?
  19. Other general care for betta fry
  20. Inbreeding Vs Linebreeding
  21. Show Betta Definition
  22. What is a Crowntail Betta?
  23. What is a Halfmoon Betta?
  24. Ketapang leaves, good or bad?
  25. Eggs will not hatch and turn mouldy
  26. Question & Answers Link for Bettas
  27. Short Forms Describing Bettas