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  1. Hatching the eggs without the Father
  2. Training the male to blow bubble nest
  3. When spawning, Lights On or Off?
  4. Jarring
  5. Breeding Reds
  6. Breeding Opaque Whites
  7. Breeding Melanos
  8. Tank Setup for Breeding
  9. Breeding Yellows
  10. Plakat x Delta[HM]
  11. Ideal age of breeding female
  12. Inbreeding / line breeding / back crossing
  13. Eggs stuck in Female!
  14. How many times can a betta spawn?
  15. Best time of day for breeding
  16. Breeding iridescent colours
  17. Breeding "marbles'
  18. Breeding Multicolour Non-Reds
  19. What is the best spawn size?
  20. Tricks To Breed An Old Pair?
  21. Breeding Orange & Orange/Black Bettas
  22. Breeding 'butterflies'
  23. The Best Weather For Breeding
  24. Sex Ratio
  25. Orange ... Egg Eater?
  26. Artificial Hatching
  27. Culling bettas......why?
  28. Finnage Collapse After Spawning
  29. test tube fries
  30. Does the age of breeders matter?
  31. Importance of DT genes in ST lines
  32. When do you remove the father?
  33. Tips on raising fries
  34. Colour of Ventralless Bettas
  35. Jarring
  36. Spawning Time of Day
  37. Conditioning the Water in the Breeding Tank
  38. Breeding Red Halfmoons
  39. The youngest pair you ever used to breed?
  40. Top Breeders In Singapore
  41. Betta Age vs Size
  42. Any latest experiment or experimental results?
  43. Breeding Pineapple
  44. Eggs have hatched, so what's next?
  45. Largest Spawn Size
  46. What are the indications of spawning readiness?
  47. Questions when introducing breeding pair
  48. Period of "rest" between spawning
  49. Problems with linebreeding / inbreeding
  50. What is the ideal size for a breeding tank?
  51. Tips on working with a difficult pair
  52. Feeding Vinegar Eels to Fries
  53. White Spot Disease in Grow-Out Tank
  54. Breeding outdoors
  55. Removing Iridescence from Red Line
  56. Getting males to spawn
  57. Raising Fries
  58. Depth of Water in Spawning Tanks
  59. DT pineapple X red DT
  60. For those interested in creating new strains
  61. breeding blue ct male with red ct female
  62. survival rate of fries
  63. Hunchback Fries
  64. feeding and conditioning of breeding pair
  65. Feeding egg yolk to fries
  66. Breeding Records
  67. breeding in aircon environment
  68. Wash
  69. Eggs Eating
  70. General Advice on Choosing Halfmoon Breeders
  71. Undesirable traits of DT Bettas
  72. Jaw-locking fierce pair
  73. Gender Differentiation
  74. Days taken for hatching eggs?
  75. Breeding Bettas in tank with current
  76. Breeding experiences not described in the book
  77. Breeding Experience
  78. What brought you back to breeding bettas?
  79. Genetics in Breeding
  80. Seven Possible Ways to Trigger Spawning
  81. Joint Spawning Plans
  82. What to feed the females?
  83. Dorsal Fin Development
  84. Feeding Fries
  85. First Attempt at Breeding
  86. Black females infertile?
  87. Keeping Fries Alive
  88. Just how tough are betta fries?
  89. How to see if the female is ready to spawn?
  90. Breeding Betta Technique Outlined
  91. Time taken to reach F3?
  92. Betta Breeders Profile
  93. Alex's Experience with Spawning Reds
  94. Leaving father with Fry method
  95. How to tell if the eggs have been laid?
  96. Keep Fry tank clean
  97. Fries hatched but female still looks egg-laden
  98. Oldest Betta Breeder
  99. Vince Yeo's Breeding Experience
  100. Spawning with two females and one male
  101. Spawning with a much larger female
  102. Raising Large Spawns
  103. Feed a Brooding Father?
  104. Getting larger spread from veil tails
  105. feeding the adults in spawning tank?
  106. Neglectful Father
  107. Observations on Spawning Red Bettas
  108. Do I feed the fry from Day One?
  109. Comm Tank Body Grow. Jar Fins Grow. Notice this?
  110. Tail Biting During Spawning
  111. Infusion of ShortFin into Longfin Lines
  112. Distinguishing long finned bettas from plakats
  113. Live Food for Baby Betta fry - culturing methods
  114. Dealing with Difficult Females
  115. Water Level in Breeding Tanks
  116. Fries Eating Fries
  117. Male does not pick up eggs
  118. Breeding time- frame
  119. Use of Styrofoam Boxes in Spawning
  120. For sharing: Splendens X Imbellis
  121. breeding albino pairs
  122. Creating a new extended red line
  123. Line Breeding
  124. Which cleaner fish/Snail suitable for fries tank?
  125. Outcrossing
  126. Baby fries = Plecos?????
  127. Feeding grindal worms to fries
  128. Free Microworm Culture
  129. Breeding Injuries
  130. anything to accelerate breeding?
  131. What to Breed for school project
  132. Incompatible Pair - How to Tell?
  133. Moving Fry to grow out tank
  134. Oily film on water surface
  135. How does male fertilise the eggs?
  136. Fry Growth
  137. Leaving tank light on 24/7
  138. Fry Tank Siphoning and Cleaning
  139. Undesirable traits of the Dorsal Fin?
  140. Rosetails - Fault or Merit?
  141. Will brine shrimp eat up my fries?
  142. Problem Maintaining Bubble Nest
  143. Timid Female Betta
  144. Male Not Responding
  145. Highest Causalty Rate Per Stage
  146. Breeders in Cananda?
  147. 2 days old fry eating BBS!!
  148. Male did not build a bubble nest
  149. Fry Photographs / Pictures
  150. Best season for breeding bettas?
  151. Bubble Nest Size
  152. Breeding of Halfmoon Plakats
  153. Deformed fries
  154. Its a Wrap - Breeding Pictures
  155. Alvin's Experience with Raising Fry
  156. Fry has Ich?
  157. Breeders in Singapore
  158. Borrowing Bubble Nests
  159. How to spawn a violent male?
  160. Breeders in Thailand
  161. Cleanup crew?
  162. Breeders in Australia
  163. Breeders in Malaysia
  164. Breeders in USA
  165. Breeders in Europe
  166. Too black to breed?
  167. Black Spot on Female
  168. Any tips in raising fries?
  169. Is a bubblenest necessary for spawning bettas?
  170. Breeding White Platinum
  171. Record: Youngest and Oldest parents!
  172. Black Water Needed for Breeding?
  173. concrete tanks / clay jars
  174. Unsuccessful Attempt No.1 - The Feminist
  175. How do you handle rejects?
  176. Female dashing about in breeding tank
  177. Why do you breed bettas?
  178. spawning red plakat...
  179. When to start jarring your fries?
  180. multiple females
  181. Egg Bound
  182. Premature release of eggs
  183. Bubbles kept on bursting
  184. Removing the female earlier
  185. The eggs are laid, so what's next?
  186. breeding pink plakats
  187. breeding giants
  188. Female betta can't produce eggs
  189. Spawning Logs
  190. Breeding betta
  191. male ignores female
  192. Tail Biting during breeding
  193. Why certain male don't blow bubbles
  194. Blowing nests
  195. Fish Almighty Mess Up
  196. Perhaps...
  197. breeding with older betta
  198. almond leaves - something wrong with them lately?
  199. Male wrap female but not spawning
  200. hormone that inhibits siblings to grow
  201. male or female?
  202. Betta Breeding - Tools
  203. Food? How long?
  204. Question on betta fries...
  205. When is gal ready ?